RTIconnect Back-Office Software

RTIconnect Back-Office simplifies the task of running a restaurant, helping managers consistently achieve operational and financial goals. It also gives you visibility into store operations, providing the information you need to lead your team to success.

Run more profitable restaurants with the RTIconnect Back-Office system

RTIconnect Back-Office works with the systems you need for your restaurants, including all major POS systems, food distribution vendors, drive-thru timers, accounting software, and payroll and hiring systems. With all the interfaces you need, we ensure a complete fit for your organization.

Access your data anywhere with the comprehensive restaurant management app

RTIconnect is also available to go. With web reports, automated reports and alerts, online schedules for restaurant employees, and the RTIconnect mobile app, your team gains immediate access to the information they need to get the job done.

With the daily demands of running restaurants, you and your team can’t be tied to one place. Now you can see your restaurants’ performance from anywhere.

Thousands of restaurants depend on RTIconnect every day to lower food and labor costs. And that’s just the beginning.

How can RTIconnect help you?

RTIconnect is designed to serve your entire organization. Select a role below to learn how RTIconnect is made to help achieve specific goals for different members of your organization.

RTIconnect Back-Office Software helps Operators lead their teams.


I want to help my team succeed at running more profitable restaurants.

RTIconnect Back-Office Software helps CFOs deliver quick results.


I need a cost-savings tool that delivers quick results with a proven ROI.

RTIconnect Back-Office Software helps IT Managers reduce disruption.

IT Managers

I want new technology without the hassle & expense of disrupting the restaurants.

RTIconnect Back-Office Software helps Franchisors support the brand.


I need a tool that helps me support the brand— and my franchisees.

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