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Online Restaurant Schedules

RTIconnect includes an integrated feature—MyJobToGo—that lets you post your restaurant schedules online. This makes life easier for you and your team.

Access online restaurant schedules on your desktop, phone, and tablet.

One Less Task

For you, the logistical challenges of posting and communicating restaurant employee schedules are gone. When the restaurant schedule is completed and approved in RTIconnect, it’s automatically posted online.

Access for a Mobile Workforce

For many restaurant employees, accessing and remembering their schedules is a weekly challenge. They can be out when the schedule is posted—forcing them to call the store—or they scribble it down on some blank receipt paper, only to lose or misplace it.

With MyJobToGo, that’s no longer a problem. Your employees enjoy 24/7 online access to this week’s and next week’s restaurant schedule on their computer, phone, or tablet. After creating an easy to use account, they can access the information they need on their own—instantly.

Safe & Secure Online Schedules

With MyJobToGo, your employee’s account is safe and secure with a 3-step employee password retrieval, personalized security questions, CAPTCHA protection, and email notifications of temporary passwords. In addition, the same secure MyJobToGo account can be used for online pay stubs and W-2s (optional add-on features for RTI Payroll).

Restaurant employees can access their schedules from anywhere.

Restaurant Employee Self-Service

At some point, employees will forget their user names or passwords. With MyJobToGo, forgotten passwords don’t become your problem while you’re busy with other demands. Employees enter their information to retrieve user names and passwords on their own—empowering them to take responsibility for their information.

Simple Setup

MyJobToGo setup only requires two easy steps. Setting up the schedule approval process in RTIconnect and entering some employee information. Employees then receive emails that guide them through the online registration process with detailed instructions and resources, so you don’t need to send them anything.

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