Wendy's Franchisee Cuts Labor with Creative Report

Wendy’s® Franchisee Cuts Labor with Creative Report

Brian Foutz designed a weekly recap report that now saves an entire management shift for each of his 11 Wendy’s restaurants.

ATLANTA — Monday used to be the dreaded administrative paperwork day for the general managers at Frosty Management Corporation. Now these 11 GM’s simply enter a few numbers into their RTIconnect™ back office software, and then they’re off their computers and back running their restaurants. The process is not only easier, it’s saving their company hours of management labor every week.

Brian Foutz, Director of Operations for Frosty Management in Lafayette, Ind., said his company saves time and gets “results in seconds” from RTIconnect. For him, “The software’s best feature is the Report Designer, which allows me to create a report on almost any information I need,” said Mr. Foutz.

“Using this, I created a custom weekly numbers report. Instead of the managers using Monday to do admin, they are now able to be taking care of our guests,” said Mr. Foutz. RTIconnect collects key numbers and generates a one-page report showing the vital operational information for all 11 stores. “So instead of us getting our weekly numbers at 1 or 2 in the afternoon, they’re here for me when I get here, which gives me and our district managers a half day to look at things and work on issues.

“Before, our general managers were off line for several hours Monday doing their admin work. With RTIconnect it’s now a matter of 20–30 minutes. Instead of us having a general manager and another manager there on Monday morning—with one running the shift and the manager doing their admin—the general manager can now knock out the paperwork and run the shift and you don’t need that second manager there. We gained an entire management shift, per store, which is an exceptional value to our company.”

Results and Affordability

Ironically, it wasn’t the labor savings they were after when Frosty Management switched to RTIconnect; it was the lower operating cost of their back office software. “We used another back office that wasn’t cost efficient,” the operations director said. “We chose RTIconnect to get the information we needed at a value. We wanted results with affordability. RTIconnect is a great value. It definitely pays for itself. And it gives us instant detailed information which allows us to be on top of issues much quicker.”

Other results include less time creating weekly schedules, more consistent ordering, and a lowered food cost. Previously, Mr. Foutz said, each restaurant manager spent two to three hours a week making schedules by hand, but they have reduced that to 30-60 minutes using RTIconnect’s scheduling system.

They use electronic ordering to send orders to SYGMA and download order guides. And RTIconnect automatically generates orders based on sales forecasts and both current and incoming inventory. “Ordering is much more consistent,” he said, “resulting in money in the bank—not on the shelves.”

Managers rely on the Weekly Food Variance report to see what their restaurants should have used, based on sales, versus what they actually did use, based on inventory. “Since we started with RTIconnect, we improved that variance by four-tenths of a percent,” said Mr. Foutz. “A lot of improvement comes from using bin charts and eliminating over-ordering. Managers have much more access now to information which helps them improve performance.”

Frosty Management has been using RTIconnect for two years in its Indiana restaurants, with six in Lafayette, and one each in Frankfurt, Crawfordsville, Monticello, Rochester, and Plymouth.

About RTI

RTI makes restaurants more profitable. The company is a leading developer of accounting and management technology solutions for the restaurant industry, and a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Today over 10,000 restaurants, including many of today’s best known brands, rely on a broad suite of RTI hospitality solutions. Incorporated in 1985, the company is headquartered in Atlanta, Ga. For more information, visit our web site at www.internetRTI.com.



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