RTI Offers Healthcare Compliance Tools for Restaurants

RTI Offers Healthcare Compliance Tools for Restaurants

Restaurant operators find easy solutions for healthcare compliance in RTI Payroll & Human Resources software.

ATLANTA — With federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) coverage deadlines looming, RTI has unveiled a comprehensive but easy-to-use system for ACA compliance in RTI’s Payroll/Human Resources software. These new tools satisfy the additional healthcare tracking and reporting required of employers.

“After reviewing thousands of pages of healthcare regulations, we understand that ACA compliance can seem a little overwhelming at first,” said Greg Waddell, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing for RTI. “That’s why we’ve created an easy-to-use process in RTI Payroll/HR that makes quick work of the healthcare compliance tasks required of restaurant operators. Our software takes them step-by-step through the reporting process and provides reminders when employees qualify for coverage based on the federal law.”

Tracking work hours is crucial for operators who have both part-time and full-time workers. RTI’s reports calculate the average hours each employee worked over the company’s selected measurement period, as defined in the ACA guidelines. The system shows employers which employees qualify or are expected to qualify for healthcare coverage based on current work hours history and the employer-selected measurement period. The system also records healthcare benefits on W-2s.

“RTI is committed to providing an easy healthcare compliance solution for restaurant operators,” said Waddell. “RTI proactively monitors legislative changes and adds the necessary reporting or features to our software so that our clients always have the tools they need to comply with government-required ACA reporting.”

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