A Minute Here, a Minute There, RTIconnect TimeClock Saves Wendy's Franchisee $30,000 a Year

A Minute Here, a Minute There, RTIconnect™ TimeClock Saves Wendy’s Franchisee $30,000 a Year

Manna Inc. says using TimeClock software to enforce employee breaks easily saves each restaurant an hour of labor cost per day.

ATLANTA — Employees clocking in five minutes early may seem insignificant, but Bryan Saba knows that paying attention to such small details can have a huge impact. He enlisted the use of RTIconnect™ TimeClock to enforce scheduling in 10 of his Wendy’s restaurants and is now saving $30,000 a year in labor costs.

Mr. Saba is Director of Operations for Manna Inc. of The Low Country, headquartered in Bluffton, S.C., and operating 11 Wendy’s restaurants in South Carolina and Georgia. “TimeClock gives me more control,” he said. “I am able to monitor all punches, and also can determine if they were live punches or manually entered later, which puts up a red flag. Also, it is a lot easier at the store level to manage breaks.”

TimeClock is an add-on to RTIconnect™, an Internet-based restaurant back office system for labor, food, and cash controls from RTI, Inc. Mr. Saba said he implemented TimeClock because he wanted an easy way to enable managers to enforce scheduling and become more accountable for their crew’s labor—as well as their own time punches.

“It was just a matter of not paying too much attention to details,” he said, “and TimeClock forces you to. Several things with TimeClock allow us more control. One is employees can’t clock in any earlier than five minutes before they are scheduled to work, without a manager overriding it. And when employees clock out for a break, it won’t let them in any earlier than half an hour later, so that forces them to take a full break. If they took a 20- or 25 minute break before, all those minutes add up to a significant dollar amount through the course of a week and especially across 10 restaurants. I guess it’s more of a smaller detail that adds up a lot. I mean if you save $60 a week per restaurant you’re saving over $3000 a year. That’s straight to your bottom line. For me, that’s over $30,000 a year in labor savings.”

“You can easily save an hour or two a day.”

With TimeClock, he said, there’s never a question of the manager having to remember how long an employee has been on break or of synchronizing watches and clocks. Now the only way someone can clock in or out, compared to their scheduled time, is with a manager’s approval. “You can easily save an hour or two a day,” he said. “Between people clocking in not any earlier than they are scheduled to work, and not working later in their breaks, you save. If you only save an hour a day, and for me, seven hours a week, at 10 restaurants, and then factor in an average rate, you’re saving about $600 a week with 10 stores. And that’s if you’re only saving an hour. You probably save a little more than that per day.”

Because RTIconnect is Internet-based, Mr. Saba and Manna’s district managers can view store results—labor, food, and cash—simultaneously with restaurant managers. “RTIconnect has lowered the food cost as well,” he said. “Within half an hour after the stores close and all the information has been imported, I can see my sales from the day that we just finished. The biggest benefit of the Food module is the managers’ ability to know what their food waste is or what their food variance is immediately when they close each night, and weekly.” Before using RTIconnect, managers had to give inventory and sales numbers to district managers, who took them to the corporate office, compiled the information, and then reported food cost results back to the managers. “With RTIconnect when managers close on Sunday night, which is our week-ending day, they know immediately after they key in their inventory where they’re at—which also allows them to identify any errors right away.”

Although the software comes with more than 80 reports, Mr. Saba enjoys the fact that he can design his own, such as reports for promotional menu items that show him the percentage of sales that promotion is generating. While he cannot shorten or extend the time of the promotion, he can order the item as long as the supplier has it, or quit selling it as soon as he runs out after the promotion ends. The report helps him decide.

Why choose RTIconnect? “It was a no-brainer for me because I was already with RTI software,” he said. In fact, Manna had used RTI’s original DOS software, Restaurant Operating System, since the 1980s. When RTI introduced RTIconnect as its Windows version a few years ago, Mr. Saba compared it to some other products and “they just weren’t up to par. The RTIconnect program pretty much mastered the food aspect and the scheduling.” Another benefit he takes advantage of is RTI’s communication with clients. “Every time I want a little enhancement here or there, I just send in a request and it doesn’t take long before you guys get it out.”

The company also uses RTI’s accounting software, RTI 2000. “Another place where we’ve saved money and saved office labor is we import our payroll from RTIconnect over to RTI 2000. Nobody keys it in any more. That’s a nice savings. You save two to three hours of people in the office keying in payroll.”

Manna Inc. of The Low Country operates restaurants in Georgia and South Carolina: nine restaurants in South Carolina, in Hilton Head, Bluffton, Hardyville, Ridgeland, and Yemassee; and two in Georgia, in Savannah and Eastman. All restaurants use RTIconnect, and all but one (because it has a slow Internet connection) use TimeClock.

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