RTI News - RTI Beefs Up Convenience with New Dashboards for Customers

RTI Beefs Up Convenience with New Dashboards for Customers

RTI adds new dashboards to the menu in latest release of RTIconnect™ back office.

ATLANTA — Multiple customized dashboards that increase both visibility and accountability are among enhancements in the newest release of RTIconnect™, the Internet-based back office system for restaurant labor, food, and cash controls by RTI, Inc.

RTIconnect dashboards allow a combination of custom store-level and above-store level reporting, allowing management to see both the enterprise view and also individual restaurant metrics.

“The RTIconnect dashboards let operators see at a glance how their stores are performing and provide key business information needed for quick decisions,” said Greg Waddell, Senior Vice President at RTI. “The ability to have multiple dashboards and choose up to six reports or graphs gives operators access to a wealth of information fast—and in one place. Plus, reports with drill-through links give them immediate access to details without having to leave the dashboard screen.”

Because dashboards can be viewed from RTIconnect Web Reports—accessible from iPads, smartphones or other Internet-enabled devices—operators can easily monitor sales and labor numbers when they’re away from the office.

RTIconnect provides dashboard templates that can be used to configure custom display of graphs, pie charts, and reports. In addition, a Calendar View dashboard shows key food and labor stats for each day of the month.

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Greg Waddell
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RTI, Inc.
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