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Healthcare Bulletin
for RTI Clients

RTI has developed a simple process in RTI Payroll that enables you to easily handle employee qualification, reporting, recording, and tracking for the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

In an ongoing series of healthcare bulletins, RTI will highlight individual and important aspects of ACA compliance and how—with RTI—you are prepared to meet the new requirements.

Healthcare Reform

In this bulletin, we will address how RTI helps you determine who might qualify for healthcare.

Who qualifies for healthcare?

Although RTI cannot make any specific recommendations about which employees qualify for healthcare under the ACA, RTI gives you the tools you need to fully comply with the new reporting requirements.

Gathering data—specifically, historical employee hours—is the key to determining who might qualify for healthcare. RTI Payroll/HR does this for you and provides two reports that show the results:

ACA Average Hours Report

Allows you to observe different measurement periods and shows you which employees are averaging 30 or more hours weekly or 130 or more hours monthly and are, therefore, full-time employees, as defined by the ACA. A measurement period is the time period used to determine whether an employee is full-time. This period can be between 3 and 12 months.

Pay Run Hours Report

Shows you who worked more than a specific number of hours that you choose in a given week, giving managers the tools to monitor hours according to your company policy. It also accommodates semi-monthly and monthly pay frequencies, which measure hours per month, rather than weekly.

For more information on these reports, visit the RTI website for a short video.

More New RTI Features

New features that will soon be available to Payroll/HR clients include a new Healthcare tab on the Employees screen with fields for the new information you’ll be tracking and a Healthcare Reports option on the Reports menu with multiple helpful reports.

When the new features are released, detailed instructions will be included on using these tools. With the new tools, the system will automatically generate the Payroll Healthcare Alert Report, alerting you to employees who need some action taken. The report includes employees who are averaging more than a determined number of hours (the number can be changed by an option under Healthcare Parameters) during the current measurement period.

For answers to many common questions about healthcare compliance with RTI software, including an informative webinar recording, visit the ACA page on our website. If you have additional questions, call your RTI support team at 800.937.1290.

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