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Healthcare Bulletin
for RTI Clients

Please note:

RTI 2000 Human Resources (HR) is required for the new healthcare features. To add HR, contact RTI at 800.937.1290.

Updated Healthcare Resources

Healthcare Videos

We are creating brief training videos to help you take advantage of the healthcare features. Please see the section titled RTI 2000 Healthcare Training Videos to view these videos. For easy access, save the page as a favorite.

Healthcare FAQs

We’re also frequently updating our FAQs to provide you with the most current information on healthcare compliance and RTI Payroll.

RTI has developed a simple process in RTI Payroll that enables you to easily handle employee qualification, reporting, recording, and tracking for the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

In an ongoing series of healthcare bulletins, RTI will highlight individual and important aspects of ACA compliance and how—with RTI—you can prepare your company to meet the new requirements.

Recording Employee Responses

In a previous bulletin, we outlined the reports that help you track employee hours to determine who qualifies for healthcare. This bulletin addresses the process of notifying eligible employees and recording which employees have accepted or declined coverage. Since many changing factors affect insurance coverage—employee preferences, continued eligibility, rehiring, etc.—it’s important to record your employee responses. This process also produces a report that outlines any insurance changes for conveniently sending to your insurance provider.

After updating employee balances, the Alert Report displays automatically and includes any healthcare alerts, such as the Average Hours over Threshold alert, which shows any employee whose average hours are greater than the threshold. The threshold can be set up in Healthcare Parameters under Average Hours Alert Threshold. The report also contains a reminder to print the Manager Action Report, which is for sending to store managers to notify employees of coverage options and any actions that need to be taken.

When the responses are received back, they can be entered in the Record Employee Response form under Healthcare Processing, which displays a list of employees who need a response entered. This form allows the responses to be quickly entered in one place rather than entering the responses individually in Employee Maintenance.

Record Employee Response

The only information that needs to be entered here is if the employee accepts coverage—a simple yes or no—and the type of coverage.

Please note that it is required to set up your types of coverage in Coverage Options, which is under Healthcare on the Maintenance menu in Payroll.

The next step in a normal healthcare cycle is to print the Provider Report, which shows any changes in employee insurance coverage and can be provided to your insurance provider as needed.

Healthcare Terms Defined

For detailed instructions on the healthcare features, as well as a list of Definitions of Healthcare Terms (Appendix D), please consult the User Guide on the Help menu in Payroll. The User Guide includes information on all the healthcare features.

For answers to many common questions about healthcare compliance with RTI software, visit our ACA page. If you have additional questions, call your RTI support team at 800.937.1290.

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