Prepare to print the new 1095-C form December 2015

Healthcare Bulletin
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Please note:

RTI 2000 Human Resources (HR) is required for the healthcare features, including the new 1095-C and 1094-C forms. To add HR, contact RTI at 800.937.1290.

The 1094-C is the electronic transmittal form used when electronically submitting 1095-Cs to the IRS.

CORRECTED VERSION: Please note that a previous version of this bulletin stated that a dollar amount would not be included in line 15 for employees who declined coverage. This is incorrect. A dollar amount is still needed if code 1B, 1C, 1D, or 1E is entered on line 14 either in the All 12 Months box or in any of the monthly boxes. This is corrected below, and we apologize for the error.

Preparing to Print 1095-Cs

This year, if you have 50 or more full-time and full-time equivalent employees, you must provide the new 1095-C form to all qualifying employees and the IRS in compliance with the Affordable Care Act.

RTI Payroll/Human Resources has the tools you’ll need to incorporate this new requirement into your year-end process. This bulletin focuses on preparing to print the 1095-Cs. Detailed instructions on printing these forms will be provided closer to year-end.

Parts I and II

On the 1095-C, you are only responsible for completing Parts I and II. Part I includes employee and employer information. Part II contains lines 14, 15, and 16, which include detailed information on the healthcare coverage. Lines 14 and 16 require codes that indicate the type of coverage offered to the employee and line 15 is a dollar amount—the Employee Share of Lowest Cost Monthly Premium, for Self-Only Minimum Value Coverage.

RTI Payroll/HR contains the codes needed to complete lines 14 and 16. For definitions of each of the codes, please see 1095-C Codes in RTI Payroll. If a more detailed definition is needed, visit the IRS website. For questions on which codes to select for individual employees, please contact your healthcare consultant.

NOTE: If you’re eligible for Transition Relief for 2015, you’ll need to note it in Department Maintenance in RTI Payroll/HR. If you’re not sure if you’re eligible for Transition Relief, please contact your healthcare consultant.

ACA Coverage Type

Under the Affordable Care Act, all employees within the same department (e.g., Management, Crew) must be offered the same level of coverage. This will need to be defined before printing 1095-Cs. In RTI Payroll, this can be defined under ACA Coverage Type on each Department.

For more information on selecting the ACA Coverage Type, you can consult the Payroll/HR User Guide on the Help menu. The User Guide includes detailed information on all the healthcare features, including the 1095-C form.


Click image to see 1095-C in more detail.

For more information, previously published issues of the Healthcare Bulletin are listed on our website. You can also consult the Payroll/HR User Guide on the Help menu. The User Guide includes detailed information on all the healthcare features.

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