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Healthcare Bulletin
for RTI Clients

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RTI 2000 Human Resources (HR) is required for the healthcare features. To add HR, contact RTI at 800.937.1290.

Healthcare Resources

Healthcare Videos

We have created short training videos to help you take advantage of the healthcare features. To view these videos, please see the section titled RTI 2000 Healthcare Training Videos on our website.

Healthcare FAQs

We’re also updating our FAQs to provide you with the most current information on healthcare compliance with RTI Payroll/HR. For easy access, save the page as a favorite.

Important Reports in Healthcare Cycle

As part of a proactive healthcare compliance strategy, it’s important to complete certain tasks each pay period. Neglecting some steps in the cycle can make healthcare compliance more difficult later in the year.

This bulletin focuses on two important steps in the cycle: consulting the Alert Report and the Manager Action Report. Here’s an overview of the healthcare cycle and information on the two reports.

Healthcare Cycle

Alert Report

If there are any alerts, this report will display automatically after employee balances are updated each pay run.

This report includes employees who are averaging 30 + hours/week or 130 + hours/month since the start of their current measurement period through the last pay period. This can be helpful for monitoring hours in accordance with your company policy for healthcare compliance.

Manager Action Report

Click image to see report in more detail.

Manager Action Report

This report is for sending to your store managers to notify employees of coverage options and any actions that need to be taken.

Any new employees hired after the start of the current measurement period will appear on the Manager Action Report as they qualify for healthcare, so this report should be consulted every pay period.

Alert Report

Click image to see report in more detail.

For more information, previously published issues of the Healthcare Bulletin are now listed on our website. You can also consult the Payroll User Guide on the Help menu. The User Guide includes detailed information on all the healthcare features.

For answers to many common questions about healthcare compliance with RTI software, visit the ACA page on our website. If you have additional questions, call your RTI support team at 800.937.1290.

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