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Healthcare Bulletin
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RTI 2000 Human Resources (HR) is required for the healthcare features, including the new 1094-C and 1095-C forms. To add HR, contact RTI at 800.937.1290.

New Healthcare Webinar Recording

Healthcare Webinar

If you missed our most recent healthcare webinar (or want to view it again), visit here for a recording of the webinar. This webinar covers preparing for open enrollment, new tools for healthcare compliance, and 1094-C and 1095-C reporting.

Essential Reports for Open Enrollment

It’s that time again. As your current measurement period nears an end, it’s time to prepare for your healthcare open enrollment (administrative period). Whether it’s your first or second time with open enrollment, RTI Payroll/HR has the tools you need to successfully add, keep, and remove employees from coverage.

This bulletin focuses on two essential reports for open enrollment: the Manager Action Report and the Healthcare Status Report. For an overview of the whole healthcare cycle, please see this previous issue of the Healthcare Bulletin.

Manager Action Report

This report is for sending to your store managers to notify employees of coverage options and any actions that need to be taken, such as accepting or declining coverage.

Any new employees hired after the start of the current measurement period will appear on the Manager Action Report as they qualify for healthcare, so this report should be consulted every pay period, not only during open enrollment.

The report also shows employees who no longer qualify for coverage and employees who have not responded to a previous notification, helping you keep track of employees as they are added and removed from coverage.

Manager Action Report

Click image to see report in more detail.

Healthcare Status Report

This report displays the healthcare status for all employees by store. Under each store, the report groups employees by status, so you can easily see who qualified and accepted, who has qualified but not accepted, who has not qualified, who is still in their measurement period, etc.

Although this report can be used anytime, it’s especially useful during open enrollment because it provides a complete view of all your employees to ensure everybody is accounted for.

Healthcare Status Report

Click image to see report in more detail.

For more information, previously published issues of the Healthcare Bulletin are listed on our website. You can also consult the Payroll/HR User Guide on the Help menu. The User Guide includes detailed information on all the healthcare features.

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